The Davenport Homes was formed in 1935, under the name of the Frank R. Davenport Trust. Mr Frank Davenport endowed a charity and built 20 Almshouses in Tilehouse Green Lane, Bentley Heath. These buildings have been maintained by the Trustees and were modernised in the 1960s and 1990s. In 1967 a new development of three cottages and a two-storey building including a residents’ liaison officer’s flat and Guest Room suite were created. This was enlarged and extended in 1992 using funds donated by the Trustees of a charity which was ceasing to exist.  As a result of this work, including the accompanying refurbishment of the original 20 cottages, there were 23 cottages on two sites, linked by back land which incorporates Bullivents Coppice. To mark the Millennium in 2000 the Trustees purchased further land adjoining the coppice to form a garden/recreation area for the benefit of residents. In 2003 the charity merged with The Samuel Welsh Memorial Homes on Widney Road, the new charity retaining the name of The Davenport Homes. The merger resulted in the charity becoming responsible for 4 cottages on Widney Road which brought the total number of units run by the charity to 27. In October 2014 the Charity was granted planning permission for the construction of 12 additional 1 bedroom, ground floor cottages, making the total number of cottages 39. This accommodation is designed for elderly  people of limited financial means.   The new development was completed in February 2017.