Trustees and Staff

The Trust is managed by the following six trustees: Mr. D. J. Corney (chairman), Mrs J. Cove, Mr. M. F. Holford, Mr G. McGuinness, Mrs M. Spencer,  Mrs. S West Between them the trustees have many years of professional expertise in accountancy, legal services, building, housing development and health and care services. The trustees aim to: - Promote good quality housing for current and future residents. - Promote the welfare and independence of the residents - Manage the charitable resources of the charity effectively. The trust has the services of a residents’ liaison officer, Miss T Hunt, who calls on each resident regularly to ensure that all is well. She is not expected to provide individual care although she helps in emergencies. She organises coffee mornings and other social activities. Finally, the property manager Mrs J Grenfell who works part time, is  responsible for the day to day running of the trust.